We all scream for Ice Cream and meeting our 20-21 Board Candidates!


On May 21st UCW members got together to “share” sweet treats over zoom, and to learn who their 20-21 UCW Board Candidates were. President Elect Adero Allison introduced us to the candidates, telling event attendees why each individual wanted to be elected and a fun fact about them. Reflecting the range of our membership, our candidates were a mix of old and new UCW members, showing that our mission to bring opportunities for professional and personal development to women across ASU continues to be important to many. Current President Carol Comito also updated attendees on various bits of UCW business, taking the opportunity to inform our members about the tentative new UCW conference date (December 4th).

Throughout the meet up, Events Director Trudy Perez kept the fun rolling with ASU trivia questions and leading a zoom Virtual Background contest. It was fun and educational (do you know the sport Dr. Crow played in college?), and kept the event lively. And our zoom Virtual Background contest winners were:

  • Best ASU – Elizabeth Badalamenti
  • Most Original – Michelle Yazzie
  • Most Inspirational – Adero Allison

After this event, ballots were sent out to members Tuesday, May 26th, and votes were cast through June 12th.

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