Importance of Voting Panel shared important information

This past Thursday, University Career Women hosted an extremely interesting and informative panel event about the Importance of Voting. Our panelists were Maricopa County Recorder Adrian Fontes, and ASU student Ayesha Ahsan, a Chair of the ASU Civic Engagement Coalition and an Andrew Goodman Fellow. Our president, Adero Allison, moderated the event and asked the panelists questions submitted by UCW members, such as “Can the panelists provide more information on Arizona electoral votes, and how they count towards the presidential election?” and “What are some ways we can learn about the issues before an election?”. The panelists provided informative and interesting answers to each question, and provided attendees with resources so that we could become more engaged citizens. As Mr. Fontes said “American elections are not for the faint of heart.” But with proper preparation and resources, we can navigate this important process of our democracy together, and make sure our government is working for us.

Current UCW Member but missed this event? Join us for the next one! Check out our upcoming events page, or email Not a member, but want to attend events like this one? Go to our membership page and become a UCW Member today!

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