2021-22 UCW Events Calendar

This year we are planning events and activities at multiple locations (and on Zoom) to meet you where you work!

Save a Seat for a Sister is coming to you! It takes working together and supporting one another to assure women get the opportunity to shine in their fields. Plan to attend one of these events near you. And don’t forget to block your calendar for our annual conference, scheduled Dec. 3rd! We have a new venue this year, Ability360 Center, and plenty to aid in your professional and personal development!

September 16th at Tempe UCW Welcome Back Brown Bag S3 lunch eventClick Here to RSVP!!!

This event will be from 11:45 am – 1:15 pm, so bring your lunches while we provide dessert and beverages! As with previous Save a Seat for a Sister events, we’ll be learning about a topic and then having open discussion. The topic for this event is the 30×30 initiative; a national initiative to advance women in policing and increase female involvement in law enforcement by 30% by the year 2030. And we’re going to learn about this topic from none other than our own UCW sister, Claudia Salas, who works in the ASU Police Department! This is sure to be a very interesting topic with a lot of interesting discussion, so make sure you attend even if that’s via our event Zoom link!

September 30th in West UCW Fall Lunch event – Every campus has its’ own culture. What are things at your campus you’d like to see UCW supporting or engaged in? Details to come.

October 13th at Downtown Phoenix UCW Fall Brown Bag lunch event – ASU and the City of Phoenix are integrated in a way that is not duplicated on any other campus location. What are things at your campus you would like to see UCW supporting or engaged in? Details to come.

November 4th at Poly Technic UCW Mid-Fall Brown Bag lunch event While not your only programs much of Poly is known for engineering and other technical male dominated fields. Join us to talk about the challenges and opportunities of women entering previously male dominated spheres. Details to come.

December 3rd at Ability360 Center, UCW Annual Conference. Our theme this year is Turning the Corner: Looking Forward. Whether we have put the past year behind us or not we know that the only way to move is forward. Together we will explore topics that help you set your path for new accomplishments and for opportunities on the horizon. Watch for details here!