Congratulations to 2020 UCW Woman of the Year winner Elizabeth Badalamenti!

Elizabeth ‘Liz’ Badalamenti holding up her 2020 Woman of the Year Award

In a year when the importance of health and those who are integral to our healthcare systems are at the front of everyone’s minds, it seems only fitting that this year’s 2020 UCW Woman of the Year award was given to ASU’s Elizabeth Badalamenti, Program Manager of ASU’s Employee Wellness program.

The announcement was made by the 2019 Woman of the Year Award winner and interim UCW Events Chair, Trudy Perez, at the end of the 2 day virtual UCW Professional Development conference. In a heartfelt speech, Ms. Perez told conference attendees that hundreds of people supported Ms. Badalamenti’s nomination for this prestigious award. She informed the audience that Ms. Badalamenti, a registered nurse with 32 years of experience in clinical, educational and academic roles, despite being a department of 1 brings the Employee Wellness program to everyone at ASU’s campuses. “However” Ms. Perez said, “I tell, I like to tell people that despite the department size and budget she likely interacts with more employees on campus, and has had more of a personal impact on people’s lives than just about any other department on campus. 2,800 employees are greeted personally every year by Liz, with the flu shots and other programs that she presents. She remembers their names and countless employees children. She knows their retirement plan. She even knows where they’re traveling on their holidays. Liz is truly an inspiration to many.” Congratulations again to our 2020 UCW Woman of the Year winner, Ms. Elizabeth Badalamenti! It is well deserved!

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