Celebrating National Woman’s Herstory Month by Sparking Confidence

In honor of National Women’s History month, UCW hosted it’s first Save a Seat for a Sister (S3) event of the year. A TED Talk Watch and Discussion event, watching former teacher and social justice activist Brittany Packnett’s talk “How to Build Confidence – and Spark it in Others”.

Brittany Packnett’s TED Talk was extremely interesting, and discussed how she believes confidence is the missing ingredient for a more equal and just world, and the three ingredients she thinks are needed to grow confidence in a person. Through this talk she made us think about sisterhood and the community that nurtured us, who or what embodied confidence for us growing up, and how we can approach stumbling blocks or setbacks in a way that doesn’t eviscerate confidence. It was truly a great presentation. But the best part of the whole event was the discussion attendees had after the video.

Members discussed how the points from the video made them think about their own lives (personal and professional), and how they felt about our own confidence levels in different situations. How men and women differ when it comes to confidence and new experiences or responsibilities. What elements we think are necessary to create a strong sisterhood or community where we can find support and safety, and ways to give support to the people we care about. And much more. Coming away from that conversation, I think we all felt a little more inspired to work on our confidence, and a little closer to our fellow UCW sisters.

If you missed the event but want to see the TED Talk and what we discussed in more detail, go to our Facebook page! We recorded the event and have posted the recording there.

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