Challenge Accepted! UCW issues Black History Month challenge to membership for month of February

Each year ASU partners with multiple organizations across the university to put on Black History Month events.

UCW supports a fully inclusive and equal society for all, and since the only way to create such a society is for everyone to educate themselves about the experience and struggle Black people and other minorities face every day, UCW issued a challenge to it’s membership and Facebook followers. This year, to celebrate Black History Month and show our support in the fight for racial equality for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC), we challenged everyone to attend at least 1 of the many events being hosted across ASU for Black History Month, and to comment on our Facebook page about the event they attended. While only a few brave souls wrote on our Facebook wall, 43 people saw our challenge on Facebook, and just as many received our email reminders for the challenge each week. We hope that each member did their part in celebrating the contributions the African American community has made to our country, and recognizing the struggle for equality that they fight to this day.

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