January Coffee Talk makes Save a Seat for a Sister a reality

On January 21st UCW held their Spring Coffee Talk. Members took a break together on that Thursday morning, playing some games and catching up. But, in addition to that, attendees gave feedback to UCW board members about the Save a Seat for a Sister concept that was a part of the UCW 2020 conference.

For those who don’t remember, during one of the sessions for the 2020 UCW conference we asked panelists what the concept ‘Save a Seat for a Sister’ meant to them, and how they had experienced this in their own personal and professional lives. During the January 21st UCW Coffee Chat we continued the discussion with attendees and got ideas about incorporating the practice of Save a Seat for a Sister into our organization. From this, we decided to make Save a Seat for a Sister (S3) an actionable part of being in UCW, and sent out a survey to our membership to hear how they would like to make S3 part of their UCW experience.

At the end of February we closed the survey and reviewed the answers we got back. Based off this, our UCW President Adero Allison, came up with the following S3 Commitment:

To meet this new commitment, and to ensure that we are still moving forward with UCW’s mission to focus on personal and professional development issues, interests and needs of women at ASU and beyond, our organization will be hosting Save a Seat for a Sister specific events moving forward. We’ll also be developing other ways to meet our S3 Commitment based off the survey feedback we received, so that UCW and its members become instrumental in making a culture that opens doors, expands supportive spaces, and amplifies the voices of women wherever we are. So watch for these things as we move forward!

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