First Save a Seat for Sister Event of the year!

ASU Police Chief Michael Thompson and ASU Police Department Recruiter Naimah Saadiq talked at our first S3 Brown Bag Lunch of the year. Police Chief Michael pictured here.

We were joined by ASU Police Chief Michael Thompson and ASU Police department Recruiter Naimah Saadiq to learn about and discuss the 30×30 initiative at our first Save a Seat for a Sister event this year; a national initiative to advance women in policing and increase female involvement in law enforcement by 30% by the year 2030.

Through this conversation attendees not only learned details about the initiative itself and what the research shows on the benefits of having more female officers, but also what policing really entails and what Chief Thompson and Ms. Saadiq hope policing will look like in the future. The conversation was so interesting that the hour flew by, and we could have kept talking and learning for the rest of the day.

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