Walk On Through – Discussion on Women Entering Male Dominated Spaces

We had visited almost every ASU campus, but we wanted to go 4 out of 4. On Thursday, November 4th we held a hybrid Brown Bag Lunch event from the Polytechnic Campus. For this event we had an open discussion on the topic of Women entering Male Dominated Spaces. And what a discussion!

According to a study published in February 2021 through a partnership between The Women’s Power Gap Initiative, The American Association of University Women, and The Wage Project, women make up 60% of higher ed professionals at 130 of the nation’s major research universities. However, we only make up 24% of the top earners at these universities. Meaning that even though there are more of us, we are often not in positions of power. With all this in mind, event attendees discussed their own experiences working in male dominated vs. female dominated spaces, expressed their thoughts on the situation, and came up with actions we can all take. Whether that’s being vocal to supervisors about issues we see or experience, finding ways to make people think about what they say, or making comments about everyday female experiences a normalized part of water cooler talk, this event was a relevant and fun one.

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