Celebrating Inspiring Women and our 2021 Woman of Inspiration Winner!

Timeline showing the birth of National Women’s History Month to Present

In honor of National Women’s History month UCW members gathered Tuesday, March 29th, to do 2 things:

  1. Learn about National Women’s History month and the amazing women from ASU and Arizona who changed history
  2. Honor our 2021 UCW Woman of Inspiration winner, and an esteemed member of the ASU community, DeDe Grogan!!!

The event was informative, interesting, and empowering. During the presentation, attendees learned about how a small group of women in California sparked a nationwide movement. And how representation in history and media effects how we think about ourselves, our lives, and our dreams. Then, board members at the event presented on a woman from Arizona who changed the lives of those in their community, nation, and the world through simple acts of kindness, passion, and determination.

If you missed it, check out the presentation slides from this event here!

Finally, we honored a woman in our ASU community who we felt changes lives every day through her own acts of kindness, passion for helping others, and determination: DeDe Grogan!!! She is the Manager of ASU Student Media in EOSS and Off Campus Student Services. In this role she organizes events and communication out to the ASU student population and community, specifically to help students who are transitioning off campus. But in addition to this, DeDe organizes and oversees the Adopt an ASU Family Holiday drive. The Adopt an ASU Family was created to assist ASU families who are struggling during the holidays to provide family time, wish and needed items, along with food and a variety of other donated items. And DeDe brings those in the local community, local businesses, local properties, as well as ASU Faculty/Staff and Students, together to help these families in need. During the event President Adero Allison, and Events Chair Trudy Perez, shared a few words about what DeDe does and who she is to them and the ASU community. And then the floor was turned over to DeDe to share some words and wisdom she’s learned through her work at ASU.

Ultimately, this event reminded all in attendance that no act of kindness or push for change is too small; that all of our actions, even the ones we may not think of as important, can change lives.

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